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The Kalbarri Series
Pot Alley

A coastal gorge situated south of the town.

Pot Alley Entry

From the cliff top carpark you walk down the path and water course to get your first view to the beach abd rock structures

Pot Alley Beach

From the back of the beach the rugged rocks frame the ocean.

The different rock textures and colours provide a varied contrast to the sky and ocean.

Pot Alley North

Walking up the south rocks
the afternoon sun glistens on the ocean.

The red rocks in the foreground contrast with the darker rock strata on the north side of the beach.

Pot Alley Bathers

Bathers cooling off
in the pristine waters

The dark shade of the north side overhangs , - the bright sun on the sand - the many coloured rocks and the 'radiating' sky , provide never ending variations.

Pot Alley Bridge

Many call this 'London Bridge' to the south of the beach.

The seas incessant pounding has erroded the softer rock strata to create this natural bridge.

Pot Alley SAM

Looks like a SAM (Surface to Air Missile) site on the north side of the beach.

Does this protect Pot Alley from foreign air attack?

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