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The Kalbarri Series
Red Bluff

Red Bluff

Probably the most photographed headland just south of the surfers meca of Jakes Point.

The colours of Reb Bluff appear to change as the sun traverses during the day.

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Red Bluff
"at the top"

Limestone top rocks, looking down at 'red' rocks and turqoise sea.

The detail show why the red bluff colours are so different.

Red Bluff
"looking south"

Rugged coastal landscape.

Red Bluff
"looking to wittecarra creek"

From the top of red bluff a contrasting view of sand and rocks to the 'somtimes' creek.

Red Bluff
"beach level surf"

Foaming white water crashes on rocks and sand.

Red Bluff
"beach birds"

Wooly jumper time with this wind chill factor? Almost as if these 'bluff birds' are waiting for the wind to die down so they can venture back in the water.

Red Bluff
"fishing off the rocks"

Good fishing spot - but dangerous - 'king' waves can suddenly be upon you and wash you away.

Red Bluff
"rocks to the beach"

Depths of colour and textures.